"On a cold, dark night, I met two travelers in a wood.

If I'd had any idea about how events would unfold, I wonder if I would still make the same choices..?"

A short horror visual novel made for Halloween. A small story about magic, gods, and making bad decisions while knowing very well they're bad decisions.

Body horror, injury and unsettling imagery. Most of it is done through text, but there are some images of injury in there too (stylised, not realistic).

Available as a downloadable executable, or it can be played in your browser.

Once you've finished the game, be sure to check the gallery for some bonus information.

UPDATE (20/02/2019)

There is now music! Play with headphones for a more intense experience. The music was generously made and provided by Morcheime, who can be found on Twitter (@morcheime) or Bandcamp.

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PlatformsWindows, macOS, HTML5
GenreVisual Novel
Made withTyranoBuilder

Install instructions


- Unzip folder
- Run executable

If it doesn't work, try the browser version.


By Lantern's Light MUSIC UPDATE (.exe).zip 97 MB
By Lantern's Light MUSIC UPDATE (mac release).zip 97 MB

Development log


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Great writing! Thank you for getting me into the Halloween spirit. I love Osteon -- they're such a great combination of kind and spiteful. Looking forward to seeing more of them in NecRomancer!!!

i really really liked it!!


oh i love  this so much!!!

This was lovely and full of really good imagery!


It sure has great storytelling and compatible set of images to strengthen the atmosphere, hoping for more stories from this dark universe ^^

Really love the world you've started to set up here, hope you make more with it!


I need to know more about this setting. Damn. You got your masked people and kindly sadist gods and all this incredibly dark imagery coming in on all sides and it's bloody awesome. I can't say I understand the significance of any of it, but I very much want to. 

And I love how kind Osteon is, given the circumstances. Genuinely admirable hero material.

Please write more! I'd love to read it!