A downloadable game for Windows

An early prototype of a 'spooky farming game' made for the Summer 2018 My First Game Jam.

Many thanks to Chibi and Gaa for the help they provided on this! Without them, I wouldn't have been able to get many things done.

Thanks to FriendlyCosmonaut's extremely helpful tutorials, without which I would have been at a complete loss.  

The original idea was heavily inspired by an extremely cool concept by kadabura. (< Link)

WASD - move

Z - interact

Known bugs:

- Walking code needs to be fixed - doesn't play animations correctly
- Portraits still not implemented - code doesn't work right
- It's missing a lot because we went from concept to something-resembling-execution in two weeks.
- Depth code not implemented properly, so there will be strange overlap errors
- I couldn't figure out how to scale it without it being horrible and blurry and awful, so...it's an executable file you have to download. Sorry.

- Does not contain any actual farming mechanics because this is my second rodeo with Gamemaker so like. You just get to talk to some of the NPCs, I guess.

Install instructions

How to run:
- Download the executable

- Run it. It should run without any errors (I hope.)


farming game.exe 2 MB

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